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Adrian Elmer

Merlin Publishing is the publishing house created to publish the writings principally of the author Adrian Elmer.

Some of the books from other authors who have been assisted in some way by Manor Cottage Studios or by Adrian personally, also feature in the pages of our site.

All the books are available through our online shop in Kindle or paperback.


New Release!!!
Jack Labrador - The Lab Reports

After his first book, ‘The Owner - My Part in His Breakfast’,
Jack swore he would never write another book.

So here it is!

The Lab Reports walks you through the daily battle of
Jacks utter bemusement at the behaviour of hoomuns
generally, and his hoomun, The Owner, in particular. At
his complete failure to understand Jack and his needs
and wants.

Jack and his long suffering owner live in a small village
in the north of Wiltshire, where most of his stories are
based on his life and times around the village. Some
inevitably take him further afield to the scary, surreal
world ‘The other side of Swindon’ where reality is a very
fluid concept.

Jack and The Owner hope you enjoy this latest offering.


Jack Labrador, The Owner - My Part in His Breakfast

Jack Labrador was born as a character through my sons insistence that I should become one of the growing throng on Facebook. An insistence which I resisted until, in an attempt to prove how the concept of having friends on Facebook was flawed, as anyone will accept anything as their friend, we created a profile for the family pet labrador, Jack. He proved the point admirably attracting many friends from all over the world and still does.

Having created the character it required feeding. So stories had to be written and the idea was to write them from the perspective of a dog (K9) trying to understand the alien world of the hoomuns with all their foibles and idiosyncrasies. Add his complete bafflement that hoomuns generally his hoomun, The Owner, specifically, cannot understand his own idiosyncrasies, and you have the basis for Jack Labrador.

All of the stories have some element of fact, albeit small in some circumstances, and then a web of fantasy was woven around that to produce the story.

The Major's Diary

The weekly diary of a post war major in the south of England, detailing the exploits incidents and accidents of one Lance Corporal Carruthers.

A man who could (and frequently did), single handedly undermine the allied attempts to defeat the German military might, destabilise the entire German empire and destroy the ruddie Ruskies by turning the cold war boiling hot.

And all with the aid of an ageing tank and a certain level of genius in confusion.

I have to say this before I forget again, you are one of only two writer's who can make me actually laugh out loud in an empty room. The other one was James Herriot - Ruth (Norwich)

New in!!

Jack Labrador Calendars for 2014

Personalised for you!

Jack Labrador Calenders
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